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Sincerely, Les Crafteurs Portrait les Crafteurs

Les Crafteurs


Studio Name

Les Crafteurs

Based in

Lille, France

Founding date

January 1, 2018



Les Crafteurs are four independant creators from Lille, France ; Alexandre Huyghe, Simon Brioul, Joris Mazelle & Théo Maria. Together, they joined forces to create all kinds of original projects, including Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with toasters. They are also behind the puzzles of season 2 of the podcast Un Bon Moment, created and hosted by Kyan Khojandi & Navo, as well as the online scavenger hunt "Dans le living..." created for singer Matthieu Chedid.


At their beginnings, Les Crafteurs were composed of Alex, Joris & Simon, who met during college, making lots of silly student projects together, with an approximate knowledge of game engines, cheap green screens, and music made entirely with their mouths.

They were then joined by Théo, a young and skillful student, who would later become a permanent part of the team, partly due to his particular slapstick humor, and his ability to do a kickflip.

With a passion for all kinds of creative outlets, including 3D, animation, programming and music, they naturally turned to video games as the perfect medium to convert their absurd ideas into real playable experiences.

For a while, the studio would operate under the name « Couch Game Crafters », reflecting their love for local multiplayer games. It would later be changed to « Les Crafteurs », which is shorter, and, you know, something their French accountant, partners and parents would actually be able to pronounce.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for Toasterball in October of 2018, the studio started developing the first version of their multiplayer sports game with toasters, which would be released in early access on Steam in January 2020.

Since then, they have tackled a few side-projects, working with interesting people such as the No Limit Orchestra, a french music collective specialized in video game soundtrack covers, or the French Twitch stream Wingobear, for whom they did a complete channel redesign.

In late 2020, they worked for the french podcast Un Bon Moment, hosted by famous comedians and writers Kyan Khojandi and Navo, creating all kinds of original riddles on a weekly basis, sometimes leading to rich alternate reality games.

In 2022, after a period of various secret work-for-hire projects, the studio had the opportunity to create an online scavenger hunt in celebration of Matthieu Chedid's album "Révalité", with an interactive web adventure, showcasing the various themes addressed by the artist in his album.

On May 3rd 2023, the final version of Toasterball, the studio's main project, was officially released on Steam.

On November 30th 2023, the game finally arrived to the Nintendo Switch, after a long work of porting and optimization for the console.